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[TNG] Jammer's Review: Attached

This is really about the hidden feelings between Picard and Crusher -- 2 characters we care deeply about and so the back-story between them is meaningful However there can't be a change in their relationship as long as they're both on the Enterprise (like Lessons with PicardGet price


Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

A scene of Picard walking with Troi down a corridor and Troi explaining to him that he and Shinzon are two different people This scene includes the line from the trailer It was like a part of me had been stolen(Picard) Sickbay getting ready for battle a short dialogue between Dr Crusher and Picard Get price


"We'll Always Have Paris"

28-7-2011"We'll Always Have Paris Mannheim also gets a wonderful line when informed that Data is fully versed in his theories: The result is a disappointingly flat empty story that's good for a few cutesy scenes between Picard and Jenice and not a helluva lot else Get price



Upon hearing of Beverly's presumed death Picard finally realized how much Beverly meant to him Upon her rescue Picard finally told Beverly how he felt about her After many years of denying their feelings for the other Picard and Beverly Crusher began a romantic relationship Confrontation with T'Uerell EditGet price



Picard and Dr Crusher were first made aware of the teen's Mozart-like genius and destiny in 2364 while the Traveler was assisting in extreme warp speed experiments He was one of the few to begin tapping the power within him that most people ignore the Traveler told them — Get price


i love crusher

Crush - definition of crush by The Free Dictionary crush (krŭsh) v crushed crushing crushes v tr 1 a To press between opposing bodies so as to break compress or injure: The falling rock crushed the car Get price


Romantic Lines Between Picard And Crusher

Romantic Lines Between Picard And Crusher We are a large-scale manufacturer specializing in producing various mining machines including different types of sand and gravel equipment milling equipment mineral processing equipment and building materials equipment Get price


Who STAR TREK's Captain Picard Was and Where He Is

Shortly before that battle Picard lost his first officer and best friend Jack Crusher on an away mission Jack's wife Beverly and his son Wesley would eventually join Picard years later on the Enterprise Although he harbored romantic feelings for Beverly he kept those feelings hidden out of respect for his deceased best friend Get price


Picard and Crusher

11-11-2008My video tribute to Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher I own nothing!Get price


Dr Beverly Crusher Character Comic Vine Gates McFadden - Home Page | Dragoncon In 1987 McFadden was cast as Dr Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation The Crusher character was slated to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard's love interest and this aspect of the character is what attracted McFadden to the role Get price


Great Moments: Picard/Crusher

26-4-2008What are your favorite moments between Picard and Dr Crusher - they can be lines scenes even whole episodes I will just be kind of silly and start the thread off with Crusher and Picard getting a little too close for comfort in The Naked Now complete with edited-in uncomfortable laughter Get price


7 Things We Want to See in STAR TREK: PICARD

But it's not a full TNG reunion quite yet We have yet to hear of a return of Dr Beverly Crusher as played by Gates McFadden She and Picard had a long history going back even before the events of TNG not to mention a lot of unresolved romantic feelings Get price


Star Trek: Picard Trailer Raises Tantalizing Theories

23-1-2019Throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation Picard and Dr Crusher's relationship had romantic undertones The two characters were depicted as long-time best friends who had cared for each other most of their adult lives In the series finale Crusher and Picard were depicted as having been married and later divorced in an alternate timeline Get price


In Star Trek: Picard Patrick Stewart ditches Starfleet

24-5-2019Speaking of All Good Things the TNG finale showed a future where Picard and Dr Crusher had been married Maybe that's the future he wanted Ol' Jean-Luc might not be as much of a hound dog as Captain Kirk but he could be quite the romantic when he set his mind to it He realized what he missed Sure the Enterprise crew felt like a family Get price


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Capt Picard and Dr Crusher discover things about one another when they are captured by an Dr Crusher puts her career on the line to prove a scientist's theoretical new shielding technology which may have Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their romance from pretend to officially real when another recipient of one of her love letters Get price



What if Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher met under different circumstances? Very different circumstances say in a different century Would they still be attracted to one another? Would they get together or would something keep them apart? I got bored with the same old plot lines and decided to imagine them in a different world P/C Some R/T Get price


Star Trek: The Next Generation (Series)

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a science fiction show created by Gene Roddenberry as part of the Star Trek franchise Set in the 24th century about ninety years after the original series the program features a new crew new perspectives on established cultures (a Klingon Empire as a semi-friendly ally against a Romulan Empire emerging from Get price


13 Best Captain Jean

Jun 6 2013- Captain Jean-Luc Picard is played by Patrick Stewart The character is a little rough around the edges but is still a truly amazing captain Picard is very close with Dr Crusher See more ideas about Star trek Patrick stewart and Trek Get price


romantic lines between picard and crusher

Romantic Lines Between Picard And Crusher The fact that there was some romantic subplot between these two more develop between Picard and Crusher--might enjoy it but the the plot-lines and Chat en direct jacques g crusher specification - csdpmap Gyratory Crusher Specification Get price


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Starship Mine — Picard becomes the Enterprise's last line of defense against a group of criminals attempting to steal a dangerous substance from the warp core 4/5/1993 Lessons — Picard finds himself falling for a member of the crew putting him in a potentially awkward place between his personal life and his professional duties 4/26/1993 Get price


Beverly Crusher

In the four TNG movies the flirtation between Dr Crusher and Captain Picard remains though it is not as obvious as previous episodes and most certainly not part of the substantial movie plots The most note-worthy moment between the two happens in one of Get price


Star Trek Fan FictionThe Next Generation Archives

With Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Galaxy in the hands of the Borg and Starfleet preparing to fight a hopeless battle against the Borg Captain Mark Smith must choose between duty and righteousness Duty would mean the loss of Captain Picard Get price


Index to Alt Fan Q Erotica and Adult Material

Index To Alt Fan Q Erotica and Adult Material P/C/Q Q decides to interfere in the course of Picard and Crusher's romance Author: Ariana Q takes the opportunity to tease Picard when Picard must negotiate between races who believe in complete celibacy Author: Varoneeka Qriosity TNG Q/Crusher P/C Amanda Amanda causes Q to re Get price


Beverly Crusher/Jean

Captain and doctor in an established relationship reflect on similarities between a recent mission and a past mission References Season 4 ep 13 Devil's Due Romance (165) Fluff (109) Angst (75) Friends to Lovers (75) Family (53) Friendship (42) Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard (751) Beverly Crusher/Jack Crusher (50) William Riker Get price


Use picard in a sentence

There are hints of romantic attachment between Dr Crusher and Picard but these remain unresolved 0 Picard also has a mentor relationship with android officer Data the only android serving in Star Fleet whose express desire is to become more human Get price


Space Ships: The Very Best Of Star Trek Shipping

With 20 years of history behind them and a familial bond given Picard's relationship to Beverly's late husband it was almost the lack of romance that made this couple great It didn't really make sense to rush them together given the baggage between them -- it would almost have seemed disrespectful to Jack Crusher's memory Get price


beverly crusher oral

Two months later Admiral Beverly Crusher settled in on Earth as the head of Starfleet Medical 5 The Path to 2409: Volume 23 Chapter 5: A report from Cardassian Intelligence to Castellan Natima Lang confirmed that forces led by Gul Madred were likely to be in the possession of the warships missing from the Cardassian post-war inventories Get price


The Picard and Vash Romance fan fiction

With a little more than a month left until Picard and Vash's wedding day Riker and LaForge plan a bachelor party for their captain Not to be outdone Beverly and Deanna throw Vash a bachelorette party the following week Here There Be Q-nicorns NC 17 On the eve of Picard and Vash's first anniversary Q shows up to bestow a gift Get price


Captain Picard's backstory explained

9-10-2019Unfortunately being introduced to Jean-Luc Picard as such a storied character from the get-go meant that his history was easy to lose in the shuffle At long last we're here to face that oversight head on with Captain Picard's backstory explained Engage!Get price


Treknobabble: Top 5 Trek: Beverly Crusher Episodes

Top 5 Trek: Beverly Crusher Episodes I have waxed rhapsodic many a time about what a MILF Dr Crusher and Picard attached at the mind by alien technology finally discover each other's innermost feelings about and I agree with the previous poster that the writers dropped the ball on a romance that many had been waiting 7 years Get price


Jeri Ryan Talks About Seven's New Adventures In 'Star Trek

And with the recent revelation that Ryan's Voyager co-star is in early talks to appear in a possible second season there may be more connections between Picard and Voyager This isn't the first time Ryan has had a chance to return to the role of Seven The actress turned down an offer to appear in the 2002 movie Star Trek Nemesis Get price


Gates McFadden Talks Picard Show Parallels Between

Gates McFadden Talks Picard Show Parallels Between 'Star Trek: TNG' And 'Discovery ' And More | August 25 It would be great to see Picard and Crusher living together happily on the Picard estate One line about Data enacting a program that simulates the progressive aging of his appearance and that problem is solved Get price


Throwback Thursdays: Jean

4-12-2014The other lead is Dr Beverly Crusher who gets a dynamite portrayal by Gates McFadden Still though the plot pushes her into stereotypically feminine roles – a romantic interest for Picard devoted single mother to Wesley (Wil Wheaton) Jean-Luc Picard is the face of the Federation and the champion of its ideals Get price


Star Trek: The Next Generation Lessons (TV Episode 1993

Picard soon contemplates whether he should pursue a romance with someone under his command and this comes to a test when she is part of an Away Team on Bersallis III that may threaten her existence Trivia note: we see the flute from The Inner Light again (when Picard and Daren play together - she is on her portable piano) Get price



Jean Luc Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher When Jean-Luc and Beverly first met she was already involved with his best friend Jack Crusher For years he kept his attraction to the lovely doctor a secret Even after Jack's untimely death Jean-Luc didn't act on his feelings Get price


Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters Who Should

5-12-2018Beverly Crusher Of all the connections Jean-Luc Picard shared with crew members none were as strong as the bond between him and Beverly Crusher The two played the constant will they or won't they game throughout the show and successive films but only tied the knot in an alternate timeline that resulted in a failed marriage Get price

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